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Topical Lessons

Miscellaneous sermons to help a person learn from God’s Word including such things as the importance of church order, how to exalt Christ, and more.

TL-3 - How God Communicates Today

An evil king asked a great question, ‘Is there any word from the Lord?’ Jeremiah 37:17.

As we think today about God's truth and how it's been revealed to us and what it teaches, we need understand God has spoken. There is word from God. That word is found for us in the Bible.

Paul repeated a similar question in Romans 4:3 when he asked “What does the Scripture say?” What does the Bible say? Has God revealed Himself to us? Has He revealed His will to us? If so, where is that will? What does it teach us about how to live and how to do the things that God wants us to do?